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About The Awards

In 2013, in Singapore, the Asian EMS Council started an initiative to recognise both individuals and institutions who have contributed to the development of EMS in Asia.

The awards attempt to recognise the enormous talent and expertise available that are being put to a great use to develop EMS in Asia.  The awards are also a test of dedication and perseverance to institutionalise EMS in Asia, visionary zeal to achieve it and the core values and ethical fibre of the awardees.

The awards are given under following categories:

  1. Individual Excellence Award
  2. Institutional Award
  3. Lifetime Achievement Award

Qualifying criteria for the Awards:

  1. Work to be considered has to be in the field of EMS
  2. The initiative under consideration  must have been undertaken in an Asian country, citizens of which are participating in AAEMS
  3. Nominator of the Award has to be a member of AAEMS
  4. Nominee has to be of Unquestionable Integrity

A 3 member jury will judge the awardees with a winner of previous year being part of the jury.

The award secretariat:
Lifeline Foundation,
E-501, Kalpvruksh Complex,
Gotri Road,
Vadodara - 390 021, India


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