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The Asian EMS Journal is on its way to become a reality!

Responding to a long felt need to have a scientific journal addressing issues and developments related to Asian EMS, the Indian non-profit, Lifeline Foundation has taken on the onus of publishing the Asian EMS Journal.

Intended to publish original and scientifically researched articles of international standard and quality, the Journal will soon be available in print and e-version. Once publication starts, steps will be initiated for getting the journal indexed.

Any individual or research institute or organization can submit the manuscript of original work to the Editorial Board. The manuscripts will be peer-reviewed and edited to maintain uniform format and publishing standards. Authors will be required to give undertaking on issues related to conflicts of interest and originality of articles accepted for publication. The journal will also accept reprints of earlier article of significance, adhering to copyright issues.

Publications in Asian EMS Journal will deal with (though not limited to) the following subjects:

  • Ambulance Safety and Design
  • Resuscitation
  • Dispatcher Protocols
  • Education and Training in EMS
  • EMS Case Studies
  • Profiling an Individual/Institution
  • Letter to Editors
  • Patient Management in Pre-Hospital Care
  • First Aid Practices
  • Safety in EMS
  • EM in EMS
  • Disaster Management and EMS

Please see author’s guidelines in submitting manuscript and the Peer Review Process.


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