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Future outlook of Asian Association for EMS


The AAEMS’ vision is to promote and advocate pre-hospital care and EMS system in different Asian communities. The organization was established in 2015. The AAEMS works to address primary issues in EMS such as 1) create opportunities for education and training for EMS physicians and EMS providers; 2) EMS training standards and accreditation; 3) recruitment, retention and career paths of EMS personnel; 4) undertake research projects on pre-hospital care (PAROS, PATOS and more); 5) collaborate with each other for the advancement of EMS systems;and 6) publishing of Asian EMS Journal. The AAEMS has worked with various partners in the world as a host of the Asian EMS organization, as well as conducted workshops. For example, we had previously held the EMS Leaders and Medical Directors workshop, dispatcher workshop, Global Resuscitation Academy, Trauma brain injury training, Global EMS development, etc. The organization has provided a platform for policy-makers to share their experiences with one another. We believe this will improve the provision of pre-hospital emergency care in Asia in the near future. As our spirit, “Think global, do locally” exemplifies, we want each Asian country to adoptstrategies to improve pre-hospital care and their EMS systems locally. Apart from EMS crews, we also see theneed to educate citizens, physicians, nurses, and paramedics in order to develop EMS systems. This could be achieved by conducting and sharing research findings from each country, which is exactly what AAEMS strives to do. One of the ways to achieve this is through the publishing of Asian EMS journal.

PAROS stands for Pan-Asian Resuscitation Outcomes Study and mainly focuses on OHCA, bystander CPR, ROSC,and resuscitation rate. The primary goal for PAROS is to improve outcomes for OHCA across Asia. PATOS stands for Pan-Asian Trauma Outcome Study and analyses trauma registries. We hope to improve trauma outcomes via evidence-based interventions and impact community awareness. Also, we hope this will help to change public recognition of trauma.

It is my pleasure to work and find ways to save lives in Asia where different cultures, background, and EMS systems exist. Each country has different issues but AAEMS is the place to share and learn from these countries to save lives for the entire Asian community. We recently held our first meeting of the year in Seoul (EMS Asia 2016 http://www.emsasia2016.org/)and succeeded in sharing significant information. We had a majority of researchers, physicians, paramedics, EMTs, nurses from all over the world. The next meeting will be held in 2018, and I am looking forward to meeting all of you there.


Professor Hideharu Tanaka. MD, PhD
Chair of Asian Association for EMS (AAEMS;2015 - 2018)
Chairman and Director of EMS system course, Graduate school, Kokushikan University, Tokyo, Japan








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