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Bangladesh: Dial 999 in emergency, Running on Trial Basis

Dhaka: Anyone can avail of any kind of support now nationwide for 24 hours a day and 7 days of the week without any cost.\r\nUnder the service, if you want the help of Fire Service, Police or an ambulance, just dial 999 anytime of the day, tell the operator in details and you will get your service in the quickest possible time. The project is running on trial basis and the ICT division plans to make it fully operational after 6 months.

Burma (Myanmar): Kayin State IDP Camp Call for Emergency Medical Aid

March 22: Urgent medical attention is needed at the Ee Tu Hta displaced persons camp in Kayin State amid an outbreak of diarrhea among children and the elderly, camp officials have said.\r\nThe outbreak began on February 20 and has so far affected around 30 internally displaced persons (IDPs). Camp officials are calling for emergency aid, including medicine, to be provided in order to prevent dehydration fatalities as well as to stop the spread of any infection. The Hpapun township camp is home to some 3,000 displaced persons.

China: Childless Couples Get Extra Assistance, Free Emergency Assistance

Shanghai: Shanghai parents who lose their only child will now receive preferential healthcare and free emergency assistance, the government said yesterday. (2 March)\r\nThey can also call in domestic help and have medicine delivered 24 hours a day. Families who lose their child will also get free accident insurance. In China, parents normally rely on children to look after them in their old age.

Hong Kong: Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital to open with 15-Hour Emergency Service in First Phase

Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital will open its doors to patients on Tuesday (21 March) with the introduction of a 15-hour emergency service in its first phase of operations.\r\nWhile almost all major services except obstetrics will be ready at 9am in the city’s 12th private hospital, fees and charges of rooms and specialist clinics were not disclosed at press time, a day before the opening.

India: Self-Diagnosing USG Machine Invented, Emergency Physicians and Surgeons Celebrate

Mumbai: In an astonishing breakthrough which can be considered a boon for the healthcare industry, a team of doctors and scientists at the Quackdoc Multipseciality hospital have invented a self diagnosing and self-reporting Ultrasonography (USG) machine, much to the relief of doctors worldwide, more so for the surgeons and emergency physicians.\r\nIn an exclusive interview with the Quack doses, Dr Samrat, the mastermind of the whole project said, “The inspiration for the machine was a recent full-blown catfight between our senior Surgeon Dr Sadita (name changed) and our radiologist Dr Anvita (name changed), 2 friends who were like Krish
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