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China: Tongzhou Authorities Improve Services, will Build 15 First-Aid Stations

The Tongzhou authorities announced Friday (5 May) that they will build 15 first-aid stations in the district by the end of 2017 to deal with the shortage of emergency services in the Beijing suburb, which is being turned into an administrative center for the capital.At present, there are only 3 first-aid stations and 20 ambulances in Tongzhou. There are 110 medical workers in these stations.

China: Macao Unveils New Civil Emergency Response Center

Macao: A newly-commissioned emergency response center in Macao will enhance the authorities\' capability of comprehensive alert and crisis response, the special administrative region (SAR)\'s chief executive said after Macao unveiled its new civil emergency response center on 23 May.\r\nMacao SAR Chief Executive Chui Sai On visited the center after presiding over the inauguration ceremony. It is very important to keep people calm when facing emergencies, which are one of the main purposes for setting up this new center with effective information distribution channel, he said.

China: Henan Gets China\'s First Stroke Ambulance Equipped with CT scan

Zhengzhou: China\'s first stroke ambulance, equipped with a CT scan, has been delivered in the central Henan Province. Henan Provincial People\'s Hospital said Tuesday (23 May) it has acquired a Mobile Stroke Unit. The van was assembled by a Beijing-based company specialising in medical vehicle trade and refitting.\r\n\"The ambulance allows stroke patients to have their brains scanned and blood samples analysed before they are sent to hospital,\" said Li Tianxiao, director of the hospital\'s intervention therapy center.

Hong Kong: How Hong Kong’s best Rescue Divers are preparing for more troubled Waters under Macau-Zuhai Bridge

As Tsui Wai-fat descended into the murky waters off west Lantau for his umpteenth mission, he knew he could count on his training and 23 years of experience as a rescue diver to get the job done.\r\nIt was about 3pm on March 29. Three workers at the construction site of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge had plunged into the sea and gone missing after a platform they were working on under the viaduct collapsed.

Hong Kong: App for Instantly Summoning nearest Ambulance Rolled Out

A mobile app named Dial 4242 that allows people to instantly request the nearest available ambulance was launched on 18 May.\r\nSimilar to taxi booking apps like Ola and Uber, it allows users to enter a destination, tracks the driver’s route once an ambulance has been requested, and shows the estimated time of arrival, reported Indian Express. Users can choose from basic, ICU or cardiac ambulances, and can also book vehicles to transfer bodies. Users can pay with either cash or a card.
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