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China: First-Aid Training for Domestic Helpers

Sixty domestic helpers and care givers, known as ayi, had first-aid training with the Red Cross last month —the first ayi batch to be trained in Shanghai.\r\nMost ayi don’t know basic life support skills, nor are clear about how to react in cases of emergency, training experts said, adding the helpers have little idea of where to be trained.

India: DDADU Launches Ambulance Service

Dimapur: Dimapur District Auto rickshaw Drivers’ Union (DDADU) has acquired an ambulance that will cater to medical emergencies of its members and to the public at nominal rates.\r\nAddressing the gathering at the premises of DDADU office after inaugurating the vehicle, Parliamentary Secretary for Economics & Statistics, Tovihoto Ayemi lauded the Union for acquiring the ambulance to serve their needs and the public as well and described it as an “excellent and noble project.”

India: Ambulance Services suspended In the Hills

Siliguri: The ambulance services are reportedly suspended in the hills. According to sources, the drivers of the medical wagons have declared that the services will remain suspended in the region till the situation gets better.\r\nIt has been revealed that the drivers were facing the backlash of the agitation that has been raging in the hills for the separate state of Gorkhaland.

India: Critical Care Society Planned to Give BLS Training to 30,000 in One Go

Nagpur: The new office-bearers of Nagpur chapter of Society of Critical Care Medicine (ISCCM) are in for creating a Guinness Book of World Records by giving basic life support (BLS) training to over 30,000 people in one go. General physician Nikhil Balankhe, who will be installed as the new president of ISCCM, announced that the BLS training programme will be held on January 21, 2018, at Kasturchand Park. The idea is to reach out to as many people as possible and train them in BLS.

India: An Uber for ambulances Dial 4242 is closing an age-old gap in Mumbai

Dial 4242 was conceptualised when a personal mishap threw open the glaring holes in the system while booking an ambulance–something that is mostly done during an emergency, when one’s ability to think logically is lost.\r\nThe existing process to book an ambulance is extremely complex and time-consuming. People call a doctor or a hospital, asks friends, or rely on Google, which is a great source of information. But once you’ve booked the service, there is a radio silence until the ambulance reaches your location.
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