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China: Wuhan YWCA offers first aid training to nurses

The Wuhan YWCA (the Young Women\'s Christian Association) held first aid training for more than 220 nursing staff of a local nursing home. A team of over 10 people, including experts and volunteers from Tongji Hospital, a renowned 110-year-old hospital, were instructors.\r\nProfessor Jiang Hanying, a board member of the Wuhan YWCA, instructed the nurses on how to release psychological pressure, scientific psychological adjustment, and correct emotional guidance; she also explained the prevention and treatment of common diseases in the fall and winter like coronary heart disease and hypertension in detail.

Hong Kong: Hong Kong Airport Holds Annual Aircraft Crash Drill

Hong Kong: Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) conducted its annual aircraft crash and rescue exercise on Wednesday (8 November) morning to test its readiness and effectiveness in handling contingencies.\r\nIn the simulated scenario, 15 fire appliances and 16 ambulances were deployed to the scene. A total of 3 deaths and 80 injuries were reported. Injured passengers and crew members were rescued and conveyed to six hospitals by ambulance or other vehicles. The exercise stood down at 6:30 a.m. (Hong Kong time).

India: Uttarakhand Government to Purchase 60 Ambulances for 108 Service

Dehradun: The clearance of State Government for purchase of 60 new ambulances for the 108 emergency ambulance service would infuse a new lease of life in the aging fleet of the service. The situation has come to a point where at least 75 per cent of the fleet needs immediate replacement.\r\nThe Government has recently floated tenders for purchase of 60 fully equipped ambulances for the 108 ambulance service. 

India: Trauma Care Network to come Up in City

Thiruvananthapuram: The Thiruvananthapuram Accident Rescue Project will kick off from November last in the district. A network comprising the city police, Indian Medical Association (IMA), motor vehicles department and private ambulance drivers will come into effect for this project which is intended to provide immediate help to the accident victims.\r\nThe project has been floated by IMA with the help of private hospitals in the city which will see all the private ambulances coming together under one umbrella in saving the road accident victims by providing them initial care and then shifting them to the nearby hospital without any delay.

India: Mock Drill on Disaster Preparedness Conducted at Poonch

Poonch: District Disaster Management Authority Poonch (DDMA) in collaboration with Civil Defence conducted series of demonstrations of mock drills and awareness regarding disaster preparedness to tackles disaster like situation.\r\nIn this regard very attractive display of mock drill conducted here in building of sports stadium Poonch, on 9 November, for the awareness of students, Community Volunteers, and for the general public at large.
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