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Dear Visitor,


Welcome to the official website of the Asian Association for EMS. It is designed to be a dynamic platform to encourage participative development of EMS in Asia.

News, photos, articles, knowledge centre, e-journal and discussion platform! It has it all.

You can choose to remain a visitor or become a member user of the website. Our advice to you would be to become a regular member and also secure for yourself a membership of the Asian Association for EMS.

It is an indisputable fact that each country has its own, socio-economic, religious and politico-cultural environment, education systems and multi-linguistic identities. EMS is a reflection of all these and also of the resource and infrastructure availability.

No two EMS are similar. Solutions and models successful in one country do not necessarily fit another. Yet, learning from one country or region can help develop and evolve EMS in another country.

This website is a big step towards sharing learning and also it provides a free yet virtual platform to share issues, problems, expertise and solutions in evolving a strong EMS in Asia.

This is your website!

  • You will be able to access news and happenings, events and developments in the field of EMS in  Asia.

  • You will be able to share news, events and pictures related to EMS with other professionals across the globe. Selected members will even have rights to upload the news, events and photogallery of respective country to showcase to the world what is happening in their country.

  • A discussion forum on issues that are not part of regular conferences and workshops. Through this forum you will be able to share EMS issues and concerns with your counterparts in other Asian countries 

  • The website also will shortly host an e-journal of EMS which will provide free access to download the current and past issues of Asian EMS Journal to members of this website. Others will be able to read the scientific articles in the field of EMS written by professionals.

  • The Knowledge Centre on this website is aimed to be a repository of knowledge which will be peer-reviewed by professionals to ensure its authenticity.

  • Members will be able to download the archived content of the news, events, journal as well as repository of the knowledge center for their work or refernce.

So, please go ahead and make this your own website! Feel free to browse, upload, download and share your experiences with those in Asia!

Dr Hideharu Tanaka, Chairman, Asian Association for EMS                                  

Dr Subroto Das, Chief Editor, Asian EMS Journal









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